All bats have rabies.
Not True.  Only .01% of bats have Rabies.

news-wildlife-rabbitThere is a nest of baby bunnies in my front yard. I have not seen the mother all day – she must have abandoned them.

Not True.  Mother bunnies only nurse their babies twice daily, at dawn and dusk. The rest of the day and night, baby bunnies are all alone in the nest. By the time they are 4 weeks old they are out in the world on their own. If they are as big as a tennis ball, leave them alone!

news-wildlife-raccoonRaccoons, skunks and opossum are all nocturnal animals. If they are seen out during the day, they must be RABID.

Not True.  Nocturnal animal mothers will very often leave their babies during the day and go out and hunt for food. They stay with their young during the night to protect them from predators.