Summer Heat

PLEASE DO NOT  leave your dog in your car during hot summer months. If you see one in a care, please call the local police department. Many dogs die every summer from this. Have you ever noticed how hot it can get inside a car on a summer day? Far hotter than it is outside. That is because the car acts like a greenhouse, trapping the sun’s heat.

Cracking the Windows Does NOT Cut It

So where are the danger zones? The most obvious is your car. It can become a death trap even on a mild sunny day and can insidiously raise the car’s temperature to well above 120 degrees! NEVER EVER leave your pet inside the car. If your pet can’t come with you when you get out of the car, leave them at home.

Dogs Are More Susceptible to Heat Than You Are

Especially during the summer season, provide your dog with a cool resting place. Do not force your dog to run or walk with you or to perform exercises if they are not willing to do so. Make sure that you give them plenty of fresh drinking water. If you find your dog to be feeling restless due to heat, do not hesitate to contact the veterinarian as a heatstroke for dogs can be life threatening.

Other Dangerous Pet Situations

Leaving animals outdoors without shelter is just as dangerous as leaving them in a hot car. Be sure they are not left in a cage in the hot sun, on a chain in the backyard or outdoors in a run without sufficient shade or air circulation.