Professional Dog Training with K9 East

Developing Faithful, Loyal Companions and Allies

Ledgebrook Kennel has teamed up with K9 East, a reputable and longstanding training school. Mike Wagreich, owner and founder of K9 East, has over 20 years experience in the field and has helped thousands of dogs and their owners. Mike will personally work with your dog, developing the skills necessary for a rewarding human-animal bond.

K9 East believes that every dog and dog owner deserves a mutually beneficial relationship. This is achieved by providing clear communication between a dog and his person. Mike’s training technique taps into the dog’s innate characteristics in order to “speak their language.” In doing so, a foundation of trust, understanding and acceptance is built.

Training at Ledgebrook Kennel will be held in the outdoor play yards, as well as the indoor training room. K9 East has the aptitude and resources to methods applicable for dogs of any age, puppyhood to senior status.

  • For basic obedience training, your dog will learn on-leash voice commands such as sit, stay, down, heel and come
  • For advanced obedience training, your dog will learn off-leash control, hand commands and obedience from a distance. You’ll never have to holler for your dog again!
  • For behavioral problem solving, training will address bad habits such as jumping, chewing, barking, digging, biting, pulling or fighting.

Incorporate Training

Take the benefits of Daycare one step further by enrolling your dog in Day Training. This is an intense program where the professional works one-on-one with our pet during daycare, still with plenty of time left over to play.

Or, consider a group training class for both you and your dog offered week nights and weekends. The trainer offers ample one-on-one coaching while the trainee benefits from the social aspect of the group setting. The night classes are an effective, interactive, popular training option for dogs and owners alike.

Call 781-572-7543 for an appointment or more training details.