Preparation and Requirements

Doggie Daycare is a great way to get your pet ready for an extended stay with us. If you have an upcoming boarding reservation, dropping your dog off for Daycare reduces anxiety and establishes a familiar and desirable environment. Just one or two visits to Daycare prior to an extended stay allows your dog to recognize the facility, identify the caretakers and know that you are coming back for them.


Daycare Assessment
Your dog’s first visit to Doggie Daycare will be an assessment day at no charge to you. This meet-and-greet session allows us to confirm that your dog is a good match for our program. Ideally, we want to see your dog eagerly greet other dogs, lots of sniffing and gentle invitations of play. What we don’t want to see is any dominant behavior, growling or aggressive play. It’s important that all dogs in the communal play atmosphere are ready to have fun. If your dog is not suited for this kind of atmosphere, it does not mean you have a bad dog. Consider utilizing our Doggie Dayboard service instead, which applies individual playtime rather than the group setting of Daycare.

Shots and Such

Dogs must be up to date on their distemper, rabies, canine influenza, and kennel cough vaccines. They also must have a recent fecal and heartworm test with negative results.  Since we are part of the Woburn Animal Hospital, any booster shots you would like done can conveniently be completed while your dog is at Daycare for all existing clients. New clients can have their vaccines updated at Woburn Animal Hospital; please call 781-933-0170 to book an appointment. Please note that Ledgebrook Kennel requires the kennel cough vaccine and fecal exam every six months.