Ledgebrook Kennel Additions

Doggie Spa Day
Turn your dog’s Daycare day into a spa day! If you book a grooming appointment in conjunction with daycare, you receive a Spa Day Special: 25% OFF of Daycare and squeaky cleaned, newly coiffed and fully exercised pooch to boot!

Bath and Nails
If you’d like your dog bathed but don’t need a full grooming appointment, Ledgebrook Kennel is happy to give your dog a bath during Daycare. Is your dog tap dancing across the floor? Might be time for a nail trim… Let us do this during daycare.

Anything Else
Is your dog scooting? Might be time for anal expression. Vaccines, microchip implants, mid-day meals and medication administration are just some of the extras we can do for you during Daycare.