Doggie Daycare is for Friendly Dogs of All Ages

Quality Care at a Professional Facility You Can Feel Confident About

The Playgroups
In playgroups of six to eight, the dogs spend the day running and playing outside with our Daycare Supervisors. Playgroups are split first by size, then by play style and age. This ensures the safety and comfort of all of the daycare dogs. Individual Daycare is available for those dogs that prefer one on one time with our Daycare Supervisors.

Ledgebrook Kennel is located on five acres of beautiful wooded land. Our two large outdoor play yards are surrounded by nature, providing a comfortable environment for dogs. The fresh air is good for their health, the surrounding wildlife stimulates their senses, and the shade offers areas for rest. When the weather is bad, we have a spacious, climate-controlled indoor play facility. Inside or out, toys are always on hand, from ball and Frisbees to baby pools and agility equipment.

Daycare Benefits

Exercise, Socialize, Harmonize
Doggie Daycare has drastic short-term and long-term benefits. Immediately, it leaves your dog exercised and fulfilled. It helps with weight management and boosts daily quality of life. Long term, Doggie Daycare coaches the art of socialization. Dogs learn how to mingle, how to politely introduce themselves, and how to detect their limitations. These skills are of great importance and are established or honed in daycare. Dogs become friends and look forward to seeing each other.

On-Premises Animal Hospital
Relief, ease and peace-of-mind: Feel all of these when you drop your dog off at Ledgebrook Kennel knowing that a full-service, state-of-the-art animal hospital is right next door. Ledgebrook Kennel’s affiliate with Woburn Animal Hospital ensures that any health concern is addressed promptly and professionally.