About Ledgebrook Kennel

Ledgebrook Kennel is dedicated solely to the health, care, and comfort of your pet.  The surrounding natural beauty and the large grassy yards are great for dogs that enjoy the outdoors.  The climate-controlled facility with multiple housing options is great for dogs that rather stay inside.  And for our pocket pets and feline friends: multi-unit condos with beds, scratching posts, toys, kitty dvd videos and a sunny view of the outdoors make their stay both comfortable and entertaining.

Care & Housing

Whenever possible, dogs are placed in our spacious, heated indoor/outdoor runs. If housed indoors, they are walked or placed into outdoor runs for exercise during the day. Runs are cleaned and disinfected each morning and maintained throughout the day. Our two-story, four-unit cat condos are fully equipped with toys, bedding, cat nip, and sunshine from the windows that surround. All indoor facilities are cleaned two or more times a day. At the discretion of the attending veterinarian, any pet with a medical condition will be boarded in the hospital.


All animals are fed morning and evening with a premium dry food, unless otherwise requested. We are always happy to feed your pet’s own food if it is provided, as well as give any medications needed.


All animals admitted for boarding must be current on their vaccinations. Dogs must be up to date on their distemper, rabies, influenza and kennel cough vaccines. They must also be current on their heartworm test and fecal exam. Since we are part of the Woburn Animal Hospital, any booster shots you’d like done can conveniently be completed while your dog is at Daycare. Please note that Ledgebrook Kennel requires the kennel cough vaccine and fecal exam every six months. Cats must be up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccinations. These requirements are both for the protection of your pet and to keep our facilities disease-free. If your pet is not current on any or all vaccines, we can easily complete them right here during the stay.
We offer full veterinary services including physical exams for our boarders, so any health concerns you may have can be checked over by our veterinarians. If vaccinations have been done elsewhere, please provide a copy of those records.

Emergency Care

In the event your pet needs emergency care, we will make every effort to contact you for authorization. Therefore an emergency contact number must be left while your pet is boarding. For minor treatment, authorization may not be obtained. Because of the full veterinary facilities on the premises, your pet will receive immediate care if requested or required.


All animals admitted for boarding must be free of parasites and contagious disease.

Grooming Service

Pick up your dog looking and smelling fresh! Ledgebrook Kennel offers full bathing services, nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear and eye cleansing. We aim to return every pet clean, so please keep the kennel notified if your checkout time or date changes. We give baths the afternoon prior to evening pickup, or the evening prior to morning pickups.

Personal Belongings

For sanitary reasons, we ask that you do not bring your pet’s personal bedding for boarding. Safe toys and treats are acceptable, but we caution that items left with your pet may become lost or damaged. The kennel shall not be held responsible for such losses, so to be safe, we recommend your pet instead take advantage of our plentiful toy supply.


Ledgebrook Kennel offers Playtime, where our guests can run free and play in our large enclosed paddocks. For shy or “independent” dogs, playtime can be individual; for the more sociable, there’s community playtime, where a dynamic group of friendly dogs burn off energy, all under the watch of our animal caretakers.

Doggie Play Day

If you fear your dog may be nervous away from home, consider utilizing our Doggie Play Day service, where dogs of all ages are dropped off just for the day, acclimating them to the facility through constant playtime and interaction with the caretakers. It’s a highly effective way to minimize boarding anxiety. If you have errands to run, are in the neighborhood, or just want a free day to yourself, come on by and drop your buddy off. Walk-ins are always welcome for Doggie Play Day.

Making Your Reservation

Call us any time during office hours to book your pet’s stay. A credit card is required to hold all reservations. Please note that a 48-hour cancellation policy is implemented on all holiday reservations as well as stays that exceed two weeks. Our caring and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing you and your pet with the highest quality care. Please call if you are interested in scheduling a tour.