Your pet could benefit from Laser Therapy if your pet is experiencing osteoarthritis, soft tissue or joint injuries, needs to build more strength and stamina, recovering from a surgical procedure such as the repair of a torn cruciate ligament (at Woburn Animal Hospital, Laser Therapy is included in the post-operative rechecks), experiencing hip dysplasia or luxating patella and needs muscle strengthening, and many more conditions, chronic or acute.

At Woburn Animal Hospital, Laser Therapy is offered as individual treatments or in a package of 8.

The initial visit is with a doctor who sets up the therapy protocol based on your goals and your pet’s needs. Laser Therapy treatments are then carried out by a veterinary technician over the course of three to four weeks. The patients love the therapy as they relax and sometimes even fall asleep during the sessions. The final laser therapy of the 8-pack series is with the doctor to evaluate the progress and develop a plan.

“My dog is back!” “This is the cat I used to know.” Laser Therapy has a positive impact on the quality of life of many pets. And pet owners are present for the therapy, participating in the healing process.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Schless at 781-933-0170, and give Laser Therapy a chance to heal your pet.