Consistently Delivering Exceptional Pet Care…

“I absolutely love Woburn Animal Hospital and all the doctors, vet techs, and staff!! They have been so friendly and helpful though out the years.  My grandparents started going to them in the 1970s, then my mom took her dogs there, and now I take my dog here. When my dog ate corn on the cob and he was in the hospital for a few days, I’ve never had better care for my dog.  And they answered all my questions and let me visit everyday! I recommend all my friends to this hospital with dogs, cats, etc and everyone falls in love with them! Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, my family, and of course my dog Percy!!” – Jennifer of Woburn, MA

“I drive to Ledgebrook from Charlestown because Sophia, my 6-year-old Havanese, loves it! Even though I don’t work, I take her to day care once or twice a week because she has so much fun, and because she learns socialization skills. It’s worth it to me to drive about one-half hour each way because Ledgebrook is that great. Sophia is so much happier with Ledgebrook in her life. Initially, I went to Ledgebrook because I go to the Woburn Animal Hospital, which is associated with it and where the dogs go if they are sick at day care. I especially liked the fact that Sophia could be trained without me while she was at day care; of course, I periodically got trained with her. Mike the trainer is the best. When Sophia started at Ledgebrook about two years ago, she was scared, depressed and didn’t want to go. The Ledgebrook staff worked with her, and soon she loved it. Now, she gets so excited when I tell her she is going to day care. In addition, the staff has given me helpful advice, like suggesting a pheromone collar to help ease Sophia’s anxiety. In addition to having a well-run organization, Ledgebrook’s price is very reasonable. When I compare the costs of a dog walker for 2-3 walks per day, 20-30 minutes a walk, with the prices at Ledgebrook for an entire day of 8 or more hours, I find that the amounts are similar. Therefore, day care clearly has more value. I cannot emphasize enough how kind and accommodating everyone who work at Ledgebrook has been to Sophia, and to me. The staff truly love the dogs, and it shows!” – Susan K. of Woburn, MA

“I have been bringing my cats to Woburn Animal Hospital for over 30 years.  I couldn’t ask for better treatment for them.   The doctors are all outstanding–the most competent and the most caring I’ve ever seen.  They are so generous with their time.  The entire staff is the most compassionate in the world.  The hospital is immaculate.   I will NEVER go anywhere else.   Out of five stars, I give them ten!” – Judy Ross of Burlington, MA

“★★★★★Amazing animal hospital, and kennel. The staff are so caring and dedicated to our animals/pets. We are so happy with all the care our Mollie(dog) has received. Mollie goes to doggie daycare 2-3 times a week and ABSOLUTELY loves it.” – Tricia K. of Woburn, MA

“★★★★★We love this place! Such wonderful staff and our dog gets excited to be there as soon as we turn into the parking lot. We have used their boarding & are regulars at doggie daycare. Fortunately we haven’t had cause for anything other than routine vet care here, but we seem happy with that too.” – Anna D. of Woburn, MA

“★★★★★Very caring group of vets and vet techs!” – Deborah A. of Reading, MA

“I just want to thank your staff for the greatest customer service ever.  Especially to Jamie.  I wouldn’t send my dog anywhere else but to Ledgebrook – everybody is so kind and caring to my pet I also saw some video that was sent to me showing Baron playing with the other dogs and he told me he had soooo much fun!!!! Again, I want to thank you and your staff for all the kindness and consideration.” – Joanne R. of Arlington, MA

“★★★★★ My pup loves this place! He’s always so excited as soon as we pull in! As soon as he knows where we are he’s jumping from the front seat to the backseat and howling with excitement! The staff are loving caring people! I wouldn’t bring my pup anywhere else.” – Tiffani A. of Woburn, MA<

“From the first visit, we knew and felt we mattered.”  – Deirdre L. of Malden, MA

“We’ve been coming to Ledgebrook Kennel forever. These guys are the best.”  – Chris C. of Medford, MA

“It is always such a pleasure to come into Woburn Animal Hospital with all the kind people who work there.” – Sue T. of Arlington, MA

“I just called to make a reservation for my dog this afternoon. She only boards once or twice a year, yet you make her feel as if she is a beloved returning family member.” – Karen K. of Lexington, MA

“We are most appreciative of the outstanding services the Woburn Animal Hospital staff has collectively provided us. Each staff member has been friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and exemplary in their positions. We are grateful to know that our pet is in the best of hands when she is at Woburn Animal Hospital.” – Mary J. of Lexington, MA

“Really glad Woburn Animal Hospital is there for us. Adds a sense of security should something go wrong with one of our ‘kids’. They have been excellent every time we’ve had to call upon them.” – William S. of Woburn, MA

“The doctors and staff are superb!!! There is not a better facility for your loved pets than here.” – Gail P. of Malden, MA

“Dr. Schless, love to you. Dr. Marino and staff are awesome also.” – Nancy C. of Woburn, MA

“We love you Dr. Schless and Dr. Marino! Thanks for many years of caring for our pets/family members. You are skilled and caring professionals and kind and loving people. Thanks for all your love.” – Karen M. of Winchester, MA

“Great people at the Woburn Animal Hospital and they take great care of our animals.” – Gloria P. of Burlington, MA

“We have been adopting German Shepherd puppies for the past 27 years — and we have been coming to Woburn Animal Hospital since day one, even though it is a long ride from Bradford. The reason we do it is because of Dr. Marino, Laurie, Jen, and the rest of the staff at Woburn Animal Hospital.” – Kevin C. of Bradford, MA

“We can’t thank Dr. Marino enough for his care and compassion with the constant phone calls and ‘checking in’.  Although he really only knew our dog for three months, we feel that he cared about her as much as we did.” – Kelly P. of Tewksbury, MA

“Dr. Schless went above and beyond and dropped everything to help our little guy. Turns out he was blocked.  Dr. Schless saved his life, he would have never survived the night.” – Deanna G. of Billerica, MA